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ENERBUILD is a European company specialized in photovoltaic energy. Enerbuild technology (internationally patented and successfully tested), increases the performance ratio of photovoltaic modules. Our technology maximizes functioning installations raising their efficiency by 10%

Business Model

ENERBUILD  technology, installed over the photovoltaic module, increases the final energy produced by 10%. Once the ENERBUILD system is operating, the increase of power given to the grid means a bigger turnover across the pricing that is legally established

Value Proposal

Enerbuild technology brings much more profit than the one previewed with a low investment; Positive Cashflow from first year; Breakeven of the project in 2018 (in 3 years); Every production and operational step oversighted by ENERBUILD


Our technology has been already incorporated and tested in a plant of 0,1 MW in Ciudad Rodrigo, in Salamanca, Spain. The ENERBUILD system shapes a new market with no competitors. It is perfectly viable and it is already in operation


The enerbuild team consists of engineers and graduates with over 15 years’ experience in the industrial sector. Additionally, the team’s background incudes business administration management from top 10 business schools


Analysis of Solar Power Plants

We analyze your power plant, studying the location and dimensions of potential client plants and their increase of power generation. Important issues as the model of its panels, the regulated feed in tariff are taken into consideration as we simulate the increasing turnover with the enerbuild system running. Depending on the location, the number of MW among other remarkable aspects and solar radiation, the average energy increase is around 10%

Ad-hoc Design and Component Manufacturing

We design an ad-hoc system for each panel type and produce the components that fixes perfectly with each client plant. The Enerbuild design and production department works closely with the department of research and development, thus fulfilling the principle of continuous improvement

Installation of the system

Once the ad-hoc system is created in our partner’s industrial production facilities, we transport the different pieces to the client plant and start the installation of the parts following the various stages of assembly. Once the system is installed, it is tested. Once the test is checked, the system is 100% activated. The energy increased is instantaneous

Operation and maintenance

The enerbuild system is as simple as efficient. The enerbuild system not only improves the performance ratio of the panels but also increases the lifespan of the photovoltaic panels. The enerbuild O&P team is prepared to supervise and monitor the new system from the time of installation until the end of the contract

How much could be increased your production?

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you with a preliminary study of your power plant, quantifying the improvements in performance depending on the location of the plant and technology

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